Telling Stories

I’ve been a Press PR and Documentary Photographer for over 30 years so in a way I’ve been telling stories, visually, for all those years. I don’t think you can be a photographer or Journalist without having an interest in people and their lives. I’ve photographed thousands of people over the years through my work, and it doesn’t matter how I feel before the photoshoot, I always come away from the experience feeling enriched, walking away slightly taller and with a spring in my step.

Working in Press and Pr though, you only get to scratch the surface of peoples live, so with the Telling Stories Project, with my colleague and friend Journalist Tom Henry we aim to delve deeper into peoples lives, to video record and document the story, and above all to deliver a product that is a permanent document for that person, family and loved ones. Together we have built a whole website to delivering that product and service. Feel free to take a look and see discover if your story is worth telling

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