PR & editorial photography specialist

A trusted, creative and experienced PR, editorial and Press photographer in Bristol and the South West. With great contacts with local and national newspapers and picture desk, I can offer you a fully digital service designed to meet your deadlines and get your images seen by the right people. As well as working with many clients in Bristol I also cover Somerset, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Press Photographer in Bristol

PR photographer In Bristol

I mainly Shoot PR for Businesses and 90% of this work is people based, it’s this area of Photography that I love the most. Coming from a Press Photography background I really understand the type of photography that the newspapers, magazines and these days, websites their associated Social Media want to use. I’m also used to working at speed, making sure I can create, display, and supply images and press releases straight after finishing the shoot, and occasionally even while the photos are still being taken. I specialise in punchy, creative and eye catching photography, that hits the social media platforms immediately and jumps out of the page. So contact me if you need a Press Photographer in Bristol

I’m very good at fitting into small spaces to get the shot ! My job is generally Fun, PR Photography should be eye catching fun and engaging.

I’m very good at fitting into small spaces to get the shot ! My job is generally Fun, PR Photography should be eye catching fun and engaging.


We Specialise In 2 Types Of Films:
Editorial And Commercial.


Editoral Films

Therefore we offer short punchy 'Editorial' films that  are similar to the news reports that you see on TV. Shot within 1-2 hours during your event, these films ensure your clients and customers receive the latest updates and news about your business. Turn over of these videos can be quick and when hosted onto your website, give  a fast moving and newsy feel to you communications. You can sign up to the package that suits you and the pace of your website, either monthly, bi monthly, quarterly or individual. It's your call, we are flexible, fast and always delivery on time.


Scripting planning. 
Post production.
We can set up your own online video news channel if required.
A set of Stills can also be supplied for print media etc to support your Press Release.


Product launches, press events, exhibitions, websites, social media channels, industry web pages, , mainstream news outlets


Commercial Films

A longer (5-15 minutes approx.) video that examines an issue, product or service in depth. Can also be a case study, show an organisation in action and be used as a sales or training tool.


Scripting and multiple location filming, editing and post production. Presenter or voice over if needed. Music and graphics.


In-depth industry web channels.
Sales promotions.
Social media
Product Launches

Once you've decided which type of film you want to make we will guide you through the 4 stages.



This step is the planning and preparation stage of the project when we research the subject and work with you to form the structure of the videos you want to create.  We help you script the project and establish a style, determine what resources you might need on the shoot day(s) and create a blueprint for the video and schedule.


This stage is the shoot part where we take the blueprint created at the pre-production stage and film the script.  We organise the crew, locations and any other specialist teams. We can manage every aspect of the physical production to ensure you achieve what was agreed.


The editing stage is where we ingest the shot footage and begin to assemble each video.  We work with you to review and approve the rough cuts and refine each video adding graphics,  logos, licensed music and any other corporate identity branding you require.


Once completed there are a range of video Content Delivery Networks (including Vimeo Pro and Youtube) and we can advise on the most suitable for you.

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