Commemorative Orchard

I don't know if any of you watched Gardeners World last night but there was a lovely story about 96 year old D day veteran Dennis Davidson. Dennis talks about being involved in a tank battle in an orchard in Normandy. And whilst lying on the ground, picking up an Apple. This moment has stayed with him until this day. He talks about the symbolism of the apple, the fallen apple, and how for him it's just as importantas as the Poppy. With help, he has now set up a Peace Orchard near his home in Coventry. It's a lovely little story, a story of a quiet hero and a source of inspiration to all those involved in the wonderful world of Orchards, cider and juice making. Link here if you want to check it out , the short piece starts at around 5 minutes, Great work by Lisa Lipman who directed the piece.