We realise how important it is to keep fresh and up to date video content on your website and social media....

Therefore we offer short punchy 'Editorial' and social films that  keep your content fresh and up to date. Shot within 1 hour during your event or at you office  these films ensure your clients and customers receive the latest updates and news about your business. Turn over of these videos can be quick and when hosted onto your website, give  a fast moving and newsy feel to you communications. You can sign up to the package that suits you and the pace of your website, either monthly, bi monthly, quarterly or individual. It's your call, we are flexible, fast and always delivery on time.

What you get

  • Scripting planning. 
  • Intro/outro plate or short intro with music if required
  • Filming.
  • Editing.
  • Post production.
  • We can set up your own online video news channel if required.
  • A set of Stills can also be supplied for print media etc to support your Press Release.


Product launches, press events, exhibitions, websites, social media channels, industry web pages, , mainstream news outlets